Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Wearing: Subtitled Animal Sweater and Cheap Monday denim jacket via General Pants, thrifted $3 Levi's boyfriend jeans (self customised), ombre beanie via Etsy, Illuminati Jewellery choker, Uberfine charm necklace, lucite charm eBay and Rilla heels by Wittner Shoes. Photography by Kassandra Hernandez.

Short and sweet post guys! It's been a busy week and I'm knackered. (Actually, I really want to watch another episode of Game Of Thrones! Jkings!) I still have so many things to do and this cold weather isn't helping. Here's a super casual outfit I wore on the weekend featuring these killer Levi's boyfriend jeans I picked up for a smacking $3! Yeh uhuh, a coffee costs more! #datshitkray If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that Anglicare thriftshop adventure I went on where goods cost $8/kilo! It was definitely worth rummaging through the collection depot, as I also picked up another pair of Levi's which I made into cut-offs and black denim jeans which I'm planning to do another DIY on. Maybe this time I will only rip the knees? Hrmmm ideas ideas... ??

Speaking of ideas, I really gotta jet now! - Been working on a exciting project with a very cool Aussie-based brand that I cannot wait to share with you! Until my next post here's a track I've been playing non-stop this week. Silky smooth, unwind time! Enjoy.

x L


  1. I love your DIY boyfriend jeans! Tutorial please <3

  2. love those jeans! what a great find for $3! op shops I go to never seem to be that cheap x

  3. Jeans are just great! Thinking to try something similar oneday..

  4. Love this look! Serious denim envy right here! And love the illuminati choker for the perfect finishing touch. Can't wait for your next outfit post xx

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