Sunday, August 11, 2013


the ballet cats, the entire cat population is my best friend
the ballet cats, the entire cat population is my best friend the ballet cats, the entire cat population is my best friend the ballet cats, the entire cat population is my best friend
Wearing: The Man With His Words #2 Sweatshirt by The Balletcats, self-customised Levi's boyfriend jeans, spiked necklace by Diva, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Rayban Clubmasters and wedge sneakers by Photos by Darren.

There are moments when you stumble upon something on the internet that makes you say "who ever made this is a genius!". Take this sweater for example. Call me a crazy cat lady, but I can honestly say this slogan says it all for the cat-lovers out there. I managed to track down the designers of this cheeky feline delight and I may I introduce to you The Balletcats. The Balletcats is an Idonesian based label founded by designer and illustrator Jordan Marzuki in 2008, alongside creative Fatriana Zukhra. The name was inspired after their cat Shiro who was always found sleeping in an unusual ballet pose. As soon as you click through to their website, you are greeted with classical music and quirky cat illustrations and imagery. The Balletcats have taken on a far different approach from the typical "cute and fluffy" YouTube videos most of us have watched during a dangerous, late night YouTube trawl. (guilty! x100!)  The Balletcats cleverly use dark humour portraying the feline world in a different light. The beautifully edited video below is great insight into what The Balletcats is all about.

"A comeback from The Balletcats from a very long time inertia to maintain their tradition in the feline loving business and to build a humble cat loving personality to anyone from age one to one hundred, no boundaries and absolute.

Meticulously crafted by Jordan Marzuki and Fatriana Zukhra with helps from small home business placed in all around Indonesia."

Here are examples of The Balletcats product imagery. The styling is spot-on! Gotta love the fish prop!

To shop the entire collection, head here.

You can also catch a glimpse into the life and light-filled studio of designers Jordan and Fatriana via Instagram @JordanMarzuki // @FatrianaZukhra

To all the cat lovers around the world, The Balletcats is 'the' best place to satisfy your feline obsessions. Meow!


  1. That sweatshirt is too awesome! Definitely need it in my life.

  2. Omgosh, all the cat love (or hate... especially on killed the cat sweater)
    I love the tote bag. And it really is quite a lovely statement sweater!

  3. That is a very fun jumper! I'm so tempted to get it for my friend, she is always making friends with cats she finds in her travels, haha! :)

    Away From Blue