Friday, November 01, 2013

My Collaboration with Uberfine NEXT

I am so excited the time has finally come to reveal a special project I've been working on. For those who have noticed my fondness for charm necklaces and mixing metals, this collaboration is especially for you! Aussie-based jewellery brand Uberkate, the creative outlet of jewellery designer Kate Sutton approached me to co-design a necklace for her new limited edition jewellery range, Uberfine NEXT. Along with fellow bloggers Aprilia, Emma and Joelyne, we were all invited to a design session where talking about our personal ambitions and values became the forefront of discussion. Here we sketched down ideas, pulling inspiration from what we hold 'important' in our lives - a key theme throughout Uberkate/Uberfine's jewellery.

Being a creative, most of my artistic output goes into my full time job as a designer, where an opportunity like this to think outside Adobe Creative Suite and move onto other fields like 'object design' is certainly exciting! During the brainstorm, themes such as friendship, sisterhood and duality most resonated with me. I find these themes are central to my everyday life, not only in relationships but also with the relationship you have with yourself. After many sketches, Kate and I finally came up with the final design: a two-triangle pendant necklace.

Here the two triangles representing "two points of difference" come together to form a whole triangle when worn. The simple joining of the two can be a symbolic representation for the one whom wears it. Whether it be you and your loved one, past and present, polar opposites or simply knowing that something cannot exist without the other. 

I am indeed very pleased with the results and am utmost grateful to have been part of this collaboration! Thank you Kate!

Made out of sterling silver which is yellow gold plated and rhodium plated with a brush finish.

I hope you like the design and that the teaser Instagrams I've been sharing recently now make sense!

Let me know what you think? I would love to get your feedback as I may just give two lucky readers the chance to WIN one for themselves. More on that later! :)

x L


  1. This is such a gorgeous piece! Loving your blog and style which is why I am your newest follower

    The Koalafornian x

  2. Really beautiful and chic piece!

  3. Very pretty necklace. I always vote for online jewelry stores when shopping jewelry.

  4. love your blog by the way-just bookmarked it :)

    would love you to give some advice on my blog