Monday, March 24, 2014


Sleep. It's a funny thing. When we were children we didn't want to go to bed and now as adults, it's all we ever long for.... well for me anyway. I honestly have accumulated so much sleep debt, my body aches for that weekend sleep-in. I've also developed an appreciation for good sleepwear. After all, you do spend a third of your life in bed - might as well wear something decent right?! Although I have to admit, an oversize tee and loose underwear is always a great option. But there comes a time when you need to turn it up a notch, and bring some luxury to your slumber!

I've always been partial to a classic two-piece set and this paisley number from Aussie label Gingerlilly is a new favourite. The feeling of silky satin against crisp clean sheets may just share the equivalence to the first sip of coffee or the cold side of a pillow. Pure bliss really! Thanks Gingerlilly for making both my evenings and mornings better. Did I happen to mention this fabulous set also comes in a matchy-matchy box? Just lovely!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I've just received approval for MBFWA which I'm sure will creep up quickly! Ahhhh best to get some rest before the farshun mayhem begins!

To help you ease into the new week, here's a track I've been playing nonstop. So fluid and totally vibing! Enjoy!

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  1. ooh these are so lovely! they remind me of something blair on gossip girl would wear hehe