Saturday, March 29, 2014


Wearing: Old favourites - tiger tee from Glebe Markets, choker from Etsy, skirt and denim chambray by Cotton On and felt hat by Witchery.

Spending a quiet Saturday at home sorting out finances, shopping online, soundclouding and planning outfits for MBFWA which is just over a week away! Days like this seem to fly by so quickly and before you know it, it's 5pm and I still haven't been to gym yet! Being a Gemini, I usually have a lot on my mind and I tend to jump from one thought to another. It really is exhausting at times, but I just can't seem to shake it. I always want to see more, listen more, discover more and eat more... naturally. Haha. Getting that right balance in life is an ongoing challenge, but it's definitely one I'm willing to fight for. That's why I'm really looking forward to having some time off. Though my holiday period will start off with the mayhem that is fashion week, I've planned some time afterwards to recharge, reflect and re-evaluate my life so far. Plus get a little bit creative and work on some self-initiated projects. I've also thrown in a short break in Melbourne too which should be exciting. All in all, I am in dire need for some "me time" and wish I can just press pause and let my thoughts catch up to me.

I can go on and on but I need to hang the washing!

I'll leave you with the most recent track I've lost myself in. I hope you do too. 

x L

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  1. ooh I love this outfit! that shirt is so funky, what a fab find!