Monday, April 07, 2014


So pleased to be sitting here on a Monday morning and not at my work desk but in my bedroom. I am officially on annual leave and boy does it feel good! I have 9 working days off but 17 in total as I strategically took advantage of the Easter long weekend coming up. Clever, clever! Today I will be attending MBFWA which will be my second fashion week so far! Having gone last year, I now know what to expect and will approach this year a bit differently. Yes it's great to get all dressed up and get caught up in all the hype, but I really want to ensure I maintain my health, keep going to the gym and basically know when to 'go home'. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the whole social aspect of the scene but this is still my 'annual leave' and I want to maximise it to the best as I can! To start it off, I got my hair did! A girl has got to treat herself right? This is my first time with foils/highlights and I'm loving the result! I immediately asked myself why the hell didn't I get this done sooner? Oh well. Better late than never!

Can't chat long, as I need to get ready for my first show! Be in the loop here on Instagram for sneak peeks and MBFWA shenanigans!

x L

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  1. I love it! suits you so much and looks so gorgeous