Monday, July 14, 2014


Since my very first editorial earlier this year, I've been eager to keep the creative juices flowing and plan my next shoot. This time round I've teamed up with my good friend Joseph Harper to create a visual story both through stills and motion. Who doesn't love an accompanying video?! Inspired by the nostalgia of 80s retro fashion and graphic motocross wear, this combination of sexy and cute comes to life thanks to the amazing beauty, Kristina. With her come-hither gaze, infectious smile and out-of-this-world brows, Kristina exudes that old school American girl charm! I personally think she looks like a young ethnic Jennifer Connelly. Set on a rooftop on a winter's day, we jumped over railings, climbed platforms and took in the beautiful sunset as the day neared to a close. I couldn't of asked for a better result!

Be sure to check out Kristina totally babin' in Joseph's video below!

Look #1: Vintage tee and Levi's cut-off shorts, accessories and socks (my own, worn throughout) and Adidas Super Techs sneakers.

Look #2: PONY cropped jacket, Cotton On onepiece, vintage GUESS? denim shorts, gloves via eBay and boots by Mollini.

Look #3: Puma Clash Track Jacket, lace bra, vintage GUESS? denim shorts, gloves via eBay and boots by Mollini.

Look #4: Vintage mohair knit and denim shorts, clubmaster sunglasses, Converse Chuck Taylors.

Creative Direction and Styling: Lauren Hernandez

Photography: Lauren Hernandez

Assistant: Kassandra Hernandez

A special thank you to Edmund Edwards for the location!


  1. What a fantastic work Lauren!! I obviously expected the styling to be spot-on, but you're also a very very good photographer :)

  2. Wow, she is so pretty !