Monday, November 03, 2014


Listen long, long enough, you can love me. I'll be just yours, you can hold me. Even let you undress my mind, save it, play it, watch it, then press rewind....

‘What is sexy?’ is a question you will never know the answer to. Everyone has their ‘own version of sexy'. That morning after glow, your boyfriends t-shirt, putting on your favourite pair of heels or the way your special someone looks at you from across the room. To exude ‘sexy’ is when one truly feels they are stimulated and their body communicates so. For this shoot, I had no hesitation to ask our sultry beauty Misty to be our muse for the day. Her exotic looks are another level itself, if there is one thing I love – it's ethnic ambiguity. With the early morning light, spilling through the room Misty escaped into a world of her own, only a female can understand when she wears her favourite underwear and looks at her own reflection in self validation. This is not about narcissism, but purely about feeling whole and not having to seek approval from anyone but yourself. Your inner Goddess is beaming and that last text message becomes irrelevant. You are your own. You are now. You know at this moment, nothing else matters.

Watch Misty in action here:

Look #1: Ruby Sees All Lace Kimono, lingerie by Peter Alexander.

Look #2: Her Pony The Label lace-up top, Kayser underwear, lace socks, Alexander McQueen x Puma twisted leather sneakers.

Look #3: Suede fringe jacket by boohoo, Cotton On Body underwear set, vintage cap.

Look #4: Off-shoulder top worn as dress by Asos.

Look #5: Shirt by GUESS? and Kayser underwear.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


Creative Direction and Photography: Lauren Hernandez

Director of Motion: Joseph Harper

A special thanks to Oliver Li.

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